Collection: Kancan

Established in 2003, Kancan’s brand name originates from the cancan dance.
The cancan is a high energy dance that was popular in music halls of the 1840s, and it is still widely known today for the physically demanding choreography designed to complement the flamboyant attire that is traditionally worn by the performers. This dance became an inspiration for our brand name as the active and the lively natures of the dance captured the identity of our denim products. We continually seek to create products that accommodate the wide range of movements that are conventionally uncomfortable to perform in rigid denim clothing. We want our wide-range of customers to feel comfortable while going through their day-to-day actions, and the name Kancan reflects our confidence in our promise to deliver sufficient comfort in our jeans to even perform the cancan dance. We deeply appreciate all of our customers that support us through our growth as the brand of the people, and we are grateful to provide you with the latest designs that are up to date with the current trends while maintaining that Kancan stretch and comfort to permit all the range of motion you would need to navigate through your daily tasks.