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Hello again, dear Excellence. Probably one of the most frequently asked questions the Boutique receives is regarding sizing. Sizing is one of the biggest online shopping challenges as there are no consistent guidelines for brands/suppliers to follow when it comes to sizing. With all of us built beautifully different, this can pose a challenge.

In this post, we will go over sizing and industry terms regarding fit, and product vs. size measurements, to help you when deciding on the best fit.


Sizing References

You will find sizing references under many product details. This will inform you how the sizing runs for that specific product. A product can include: "True to size," "Runs small, please refer to product measurements," or "Runs big, please refer to product measurements."

*Please noteOur sizing references are based on standard US sizing practiced by popular and well-known US brands and stores.


 Fit Terms

Scrolling through the product details page, you will notice that we also include a product's fit on many items when this information is available. Not all clothing is created equal. There is a common misconception that if an item is loose it's too big or on the other hand, a body-hugging item may be too small. This is simply not the case as many products are intentionally designed to fit a certain way, so an item designed to fit oversized is still considered true to size.

Even if an item is designed to be oversized or relaxed, we all have our preferences. By being educated on fit and sizing you can easily proceed with ordering the perfect fit for you.

Slim Fit


A slim-fit clothing item is one that is fitted to your body with very little to no excess fabric. These pieces are always highly stretchy and form-hugging. 


Regular Fit

image (1)-1

These are items that fit closer to the body but are not tight. Meant to be slightly loose around the body, but not at all baggy. Like a suit, tailored to the body's natural curves.


Relaxed Fit

image (2)-1

Items that are significantly larger than a regular fit, usually offer an extra 2" to 4” than standard chest/bust size. These clothes are loose-fitting and often slouchy.


Oversized Fit

image (3)-1

For items that are meant to appear too large but still put together and flattering. Super slouchy, voluminous, and less structured. An item designed with an oversized fit is still true to size because it is meant to be oversized. This allows flexibility to size down 1 or 2 sizes for a more fitted look and is available to more people.


Product Measurements VS Size Measurements

You will find measurements provided in most of our listings. The measurement information provided is specifically titled "Product Measurements" or "Size Measurements."

Product Measurements


Product measurements are the exact measurements of the product itself and will always be provided when this information is provided to M.E. Boutique,LLC. It is important to remember the fit mentioned earlier because of course more oversized and relaxed items will typically be several inches larger than your size measurements.

One of our suppliers even provides "Recommended Measurements" in addition to product measurements. These listings will contain both recommended and products measurements. Recommended measurements are the measurements of the wearer the supplier recommends each size fits.

Size Measurements


Size measurements refer to the measurements of the person that each size will fit. When M.E. Boutique,LLC is not provided with the exact "Product Measurements", we will include sizing measurements for reference.



M.E. Boutique, LLC is constantly looking for ways to help you pick the best fitting items as smoothly as possible. By providing sizing recommendations, products fit, and measurements, we hope to facilitate the process of choosing the best sizes for you. 

Until next time, Excellence, and as always, keep it classy and sassy.

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